December 14, 2020 Publication

White paper: Emerging Medical Domains for the ECS industry now available


The Health.E lighthouse recently published a White Paper on the emerging medical domains for the electronics components and systems industry and the many opportunities that lie ahead.

Health care is changing. It is becoming more and more decentralized and personalized, and there will be an increased emphasis on prevention. These changing are triggering the development of new medical devices and solutions that are emerging at the fading borders between the Electronics, MedTech and Pharmaceutical industries.

To create awareness of the opportunities these emerging medical domains offer from a perspective of the electronics industry, the Health.E lighthouse has published a white paper in which thirteen emerging domains ranging from Organ-on-Chip to surgical robots have been identified. The topics are presented in accessible format, addressing the economic and societal relevance with suggestions for further reading.

The Health.E White paper on “Emerging Medical Domains for the ECS industry” can be downloaded here (pdf).

The Health.E lighthouse is an initiative of the ECSEL joint undertaking funding platform. Its mission is to accelerate innovation in medical devices by promoting the adoption of open technology platforms.

Visit the Health.E website to learn more about the mission and the vision of the lighthouse and follow them on LinkedIn.

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