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EUROoCS is committed to training a next generation of scientists. We want all stakeholders to be well-versed in the development, manufacturing and application of organs-on-chips.

EUROoCS members contribute widely to workshops, summer schools and seminars in the field of organs-on-chips. In addition, many EUROoCS members also participate in teaching on the graduate and post-graduate level at their academic institutions.

EUROoCS organizes its own training activities through its Training Working Group. The most notable is the EUROoCS Academy for those who are new to the field. The EUROoCS Academy offers an introduction to the essential aspects of organs-on-chips, including microfluidics, (stem) cell culture and requirements from end-users and regulators.

The EUROoCS-Summerschool is a training course with a lecture program and laboratory hands-on sessions. The participants will learn about the main aspects of Organ-on-Chip technology and Micro physiological systems

Our trainings

EUROoCS Summerschool


EUROoCS Academy