March 07, 2023

Free Webinar On Demand: Improve Rigor and Reproducibility in Stem Cell Research

Learn About the ISSCR's Recommendations to Improve Rigor and Reproducibility in Stem Cell Research via the On-Demand Webinar. View the Free, On-Demand Webinar to review the updated draft of the ISSCR's quality standards and core principles for the laboratory culture and characterization of both adult and pluripotent human stem cells and in vitro model[…]

March 06, 2023

MPS World Summit Early Bird Discount Open until March 31st

Are you planning to attend the 2nd MPS World Summit in Berlin, between 26 - 30 June 2023, take advantage of the EUROoCS Members Early Bird Discount. Register until March 31st via the MPS World Summit website. After Early Bird sales end on March 31st, ticket prices will increase. Are you registering as EUROoCS member,[…]

March 03, 2023

Christine Mummery Receives the 2023 ISSCR Public Service Award

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) is honoring Christine Mummery, Ph.D., Professor of Developmental Biology, Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands, with the 2023 ISSCR Public Service Award. The prize recognizes the outstanding contributions of public service to the fields of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. The award will be presented at[…]

February 21, 2023

13.5 million euros for hDMT INFRA StemCells

National infrastructure to implement new organ and disease models using human stem cells Researchers from University Medical Centers in Leiden, Utrecht and Rotterdam in the Netherlands jointly affiliated with the "Institute for human organ and Disease Model Technologies (hDMT)," intend to develop new organ and disease models using human stem cells. This is expected[…]

February 20, 2023

Join the CEN and CENELEC Focus Group on Organ-on-Chip (FGOOC) and contribute your expertise!

Do you have experience with working towards defined culture media and extracellular matrices for cell culture? Have you worked on laboratory automation and mechatronics for cell culture applications? Do you have a perspective on the regulatory, ethical and legal context of cell culture models, including organs-on-chips? Then please join the CEN and CENELEC Focus Group on[…]

February 09, 2023

EUROoCS Working Groups

EUROoCS has several Working Groups (WGs) consisting of enthusiastic members who actively contribute to the vision and mission of EUROoCS. The following WGs have been set up: Digital Meetings Dissemination & Outreach Technology and Science Implementation Teaching & Training Diversity & Inclusion Fundraising If you are interested to join and/or would like more information[…]

February 09, 2023

Society Journal “Stem Cell Reports”

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) and the European Organ-on-Chip Society (EUROoCS) have an agreement that Stem Cell Reports, the ISSCR’s online, open-access, peer-reviewed journal, will serve as the “home” journal for EUROoCS member publications that focus on the use and application of stem cells. This alliance will help bridge the bioengineering[…]

February 02, 2023

Travel Awards JRC Summer School on Non-animal Approaches in Science

EUROoCS will sponsor travel awards for two PhD students that are planning to attend the upcoming JRC Summer School on Non-animal Approaches in Science. EUROoCS has a strong link with the organizers of the workshop, the EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL ECVAM) and would like to stimulate EUROoCS members to[…]

February 02, 2023

Call for the organization of the Annual EUROoCS Conference

Next year, the 5th edition of the Annual EUROoCS Conference, EUROoCS 2024, will again be organized somewhere in Europe. With the increasing number of EUROoCS members and activities in the Organ-on-Chip field, we expect that EUROoCS 2024 will be at least as successful as the meeting in the beautiful Grenoble in France last year.[…]

February 02, 2023

Membership fee 2023 payment

All members of EUROoCS have received their membership invoice for 2023, on February 1st. Do you want to profit from the discount during the early bird registration of the MPS world summit, co-organized by EUROoCS, pay your membership fee in time and register before the early bird deadline of March 31st. When you have[…]

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