June 08, 2021 EUROoCS

Program of EUROoCS 2021 is ready


The program of EUROoCS 2021 is now online!

With 6 inspiring keynote lectures from academia, regulatory authority and industry, complemented by 40 oral presentations (including 8 selected talks) from 11 countries, 

and 130 posters we offer you an exciting scientific program on Organ-on-Chip. With the benefit of the online platform this year, we are able to run 4 parallel sessions structured along the topics of ‘Vasculature’, ‘Disease Models’, ‘Technology Platforms’, ‘Toxicity’, ‘Respiratory System’, ‘Immune System’, ‘Gastrointestinal Tract’, ‘Organ and Multiorgan Models’, and ‘Spheroids and Organoids’.

Important note: All presentations will be pre-recorded and will be available on the conference platform until September 30th for you to have the opportunity to attend all talks!

For the complete program click here
Participants will receive the EUROoCS 2021 conference book with the program and abstracts of the lectures and posters.

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