January 05, 2022 OoC

Open technology platforms for emerging medical domains


Last November the Health.E lighthouse released two white papers on open technology platforms for emerging medical domains with Organ-on-Chip of course being one of them.

In the first whitepaper emerging medical domains are identified. In the latest whitepaper the specific problems and challenges related to open platforms for medical  devices are discussed.

Open technology platforms that can be used for multiple applications by multiple end-users have resulted in an enormous pace of innovation in the electronic industry. Unfortunately, the medical device industry is still very much relying on non-scalable point solutions.

The lighthouses are an instrument initiated by the European ECSEL/KDT funding program

to streamline and focus European initiatives / projects in certain key areas, and one of them is Health.

It is the mission of the Health.E lighthouse to accelerate innovation in medical devices by promoting the development and adoption of open technology platforms in the medical domain.

Next to the published whitepapers, the lighthouse is organizing a public symposium the 8th/9th March 2022 where industry, SMEs, RTOs, and policy makers will share their views and experiences in relation to the development and deployment of open technology platforms for medical devices. If you are interested in this topic or perhaps want to show your open technology platform in a booth, you are welcome to participate and join us! Participation is free of charge but does require registration.

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