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Nominations for the Lush Prize 2020 are open


The Lush Prize offers a global prize fund to support initiatives to end or replace animal testing. The prestigious prize fund of at least £250,000 is available across five categories: Lobbying, Training, Public Awareness, Science, and Young Researchers. A sixth category, known as the ‘Black Box’ prize, also provides the possibility of the entire prize fund being awarded to one applicant for a key breakthrough in human toxicity pathways.

All prize categories are open to organisations or individuals in scientific research, industry, academia, public awareness, lobbying, campaigning, education, training and outreach. Entries can be from anywhere in the world, for projects which have taken place anywhere in the world. You can enter yourself or your own organisation.

The closing date for entry is 6th December 2019.

Further information on all award categories or make a nomination.

Science – rewarding research and development of human-relevant approaches in toxicity testing and research
Training – for education and training initiatives in human-relevant methods which replace animal tests
Young Researcher – awards early-career scientists of up to 35 years of age, for future research proposals which focus on human-based methods
Public Awareness – highlighting the ethical and scientific needs for better, human-based safety testing and alternatives to animal research
Lobbying – influencing key stakeholders by working for regulatory and legislative change to promote better scientific methods for humans and animals.
Black Box – for a key breakthrough in human toxicity pathways research.

Source: Lush Prize & hDMT

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