March 06, 2023 EUROoCS

MPS World Summit Early Bird Discount Open until March 31st


Are you planning to attend the 2nd MPS World Summit in Berlin, between 26 – 30 June 2023, take advantage of the EUROoCS Members Early Bird Discount. Register until March 31st via the MPS World Summit websiteAfter Early Bird sales end on March 31st, ticket prices will increase.

Are you registering as EUROoCS member, please be prepared to provide membership status confirmation upon request. Pay your membership Fee for 2023 in time. All members of EUROoCS have received their membership invoice for 2023, on February 1st (reminder on March 1st). 

When you have paid the invoice, the proof of payment can be found in your personal membership profile under the tab “invoices”. In case you paid by the provided link this proof of payment will immediately be visible, if you have done a bank transfer (include the reference) it will take more time.

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