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Membership is open to individual researchers worldwide and others with an
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Active membership is open to researchers in the Organ-on-Chip field. For this membership researchers must have a professional qualification (PhD, MD, MSc or equivalents in experience). Membership entitles voting at the members’ meetings.

Fees: € 40,- per calendar year (Jan-Dec).
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Student membership is open to students enrolled in a graduate program leading to an advanced degree (PhD, MD, MSc or BSc). Upon receipt of an advanced degree a student member is eligible for active membership. Membership entitles voting at the members’ meetings.

Fees: € 20,- per calendar year (Jan-Dec).
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Affiliate membership is open to individual representatives of industry and others with an interest in Organ-on-Chip technology who do not qualify for active or student membership. Affiliated members are not entitled to vote at the members meetings.

Fees € 40,- per calendar year (Jan-Dec).

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