November 20, 2018 Research

LUMC takes the lead in construction of stem cell facility


At the Leiden BioScience Park, the Netherlands, a new high-tech stem cell facility will emerge in the coming years: the NEtherlands Center for the Clinical Advancement of Stemcell Therapies (NECST). Researchers and start-up companies are welcomed here for the development of stem cell and gene therapy products.

NECST is set up by the Leiden Regenerative Medicine Platform (LRMP) and fits well in the collaboration with the Canadian Center for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM), where a similar facility is realized. In addition, NECST contributes to the infrastructural strengthening of the strategic public-private partnership RegMed XB (Regenerative Medicine Crossing Borders) where Dutch and Flemish partners participate. The NECST will be placed at the Leiden BioScience Park, strengthening the ecosystem of one of the largest Dutch life science cluster.

For more information: LUMC news message (in Dutch).

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