The European Organ-on-Chip Society (EUROoCS)
is an independent, not-for-profit organization
established to encourage and develop Organ-on-Chip research, and to provide opportunities to share and advance knowledge and expertise in the field towards better health for all.

EUROoCS1 was launched on 8 November 2018 during the 3rd International Organ-on-Chip Symposium (IOOCS18) at the University of Technology in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

1EUROoCS is one outcome of the Horizon 2020 project ORCHID (Organ-on-Chip In Development), that aims to create a roadmap for Organ-on-Chip technology and to build a network of stakeholders.


Membership is open to individual researchers worldwide and others with an interest in Organ-on-Chip technology. Benefits include access to the digital Organ-on-Chip platform (with forum, research projects, experts’ profiles and more), discounted registration for the annual conference and up-to-date information on advances and activities in the field.

Active members

Active membership is open to researchers in the Organ-on-Chip field. For this membership researchers must have a professional qualification (PhD, MD, MSc or equivalents in experience). Membership entitles voting at the members’ meetings. Fees: € 40,- per year.

Student members

Student membership is open to students enrolled in a graduate program leading to an advanced degree (PhD, MD, MSc or BSc). Upon receipt of an advanced degree a student member is eligible for active membership. Membership entitles voting at the members’ meetings. Fees: € 20,- per year.

Affiliate members

Affiliate membership is open to individual representatives of industry, regulatory agencies and others with an interest in Organ-on-Chip technology who do not qualify for active or student membership. Affiliated members are not entitled to vote at the members meetings. Fees € 40,- per year.

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The full EUROoCS website with various features and information will be launched in March 2019

conference 2019

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Annual Conference 2019

The annual EUROoCS conference 2019 will be held in Graz, Austria, on 2 and 3 July 2019. It will provide many opportunities for scientific discussion and interaction and bring together young scientists with top experts in the field.
Registration is open now!
Special reduced fees will be available to members of EUROoCS. To become a EUROoCS member please complete the Application Form for Membership.

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