February 20, 2023 EUROoCS

Join the CEN and CENELEC Focus Group on Organ-on-Chip (FGOOC) and contribute your expertise!


Do you have experience with working towards defined culture media and extracellular matrices for cell culture? Have you worked on laboratory automation and mechatronics for cell culture applications? Do you have a perspective on the regulatory, ethical and legal context of cell culture models, including organs-on-chips? Then please join the CEN and CENELEC Focus Group on Organ-on-Chip (FGOOC) and contribute your expertise!

Many EUROoCS members already support the FGOOC by providing their expertise and perspectives as a stakeholder in the field of organs-on-chips. Their contributions are essential for the drafting of a Roadmap for Standards in Organ-on-Chip, which is the main intended deliverable for the FGOOC.

In the drafting of the roadmap, the FGOOC works on many aspects: from terminology, biology, engineering, experimental design, data management to the broader regulatory and legal context. So there are many ways in which you, as a stakeholder in the field of organ-on-chip, can contribute!

Join the FGOOC now!! For more information, contact Andries van der Meer or Lysette Meuleman, or please see: https://lnkd.in/eRpzD-FJ

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