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Employee procurement and shipping

Dynamic42 GmbH

Jena, Germany

(Senior) Scientist Cell Culture

Dynamic42 GmbH

Jena, Germany

(Senior) Scientist Stem Cell Culture

Dynamic42 GmbH

Jena, Germany

Lab Technician Cell Culture

Dynamic42 GmbH

Jena, Germany

Lab Technician Analytics

Dynamic42 GmbH

Jena, Germany

Doctoral Researcher – Horizon Europe MSCA Doctoral network “Melomanes”

CN Bio Innovations

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Postdoc – Improvement of in vitro liver model


Saclay, France

PhD Building an advanced liver organ-on-chip model for metastatic research

Erasmus MC

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

PhD Position on modeling and understanding cancer metastasis in liver using Organ-on-Chip

University of Twente

Enschede, the Netherlands

3 PhD and 1 post-doc position

TU Delft

Delft, The Netherlands

Researcher-Project Manager for the “tumor on chip” platform


Strasbourg - Illkirch, France

Engineer or postdoctoral researcher in organ-on-chip instrumentation

CEA Grenoble

grenoble, France

SNE/Translational Sciences Specialist 3Rs

European Medicines Agency

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Technician Tissue Engineering


Delft, The Netherlands

Researcher Advanced Micro-Physiological Systems / Organ-on-Chip

IMEC Leuven

Leuven, Belgium

Postdoc position Development of metastases trap on chip MetasTRAP

CEA Grenoble

Grenoble. France

Two PhD positions intestine on chip

Wageningen University & Research (WUR)

Wageningen, The Netherlands