EUROoCS Annual Meeting 2024

July 3- July 5, 2024
9:00 Milan, Italy


1. How do I pay my invoice?
Upon completing your registration for the conference, a payment link will be provided. Kindly initiate your payment through this designated button. In the event of a payment failure, the link will also be dispatched to your email address. Using this link for payment will ensure that our system acknowledges your transaction, and your registration will be duly confirmed.


2. I cannot login to the membership page.
a. Login failed:
Your email address, or login does not exist in our system. You are either not a paying member, or you are using the wrong login. Try using your email address used to register for membership. If this does not work then see below.


b. Your account has been deactivated:

 If you haven’t paid your annual membership invoice, your account has been temporarily deactivated. To reactivate it, follow these steps:

Check Your Email: Look for the invoice email in your inbox.
Make Payment: Use the payment link provided in the email to settle the invoice.
Important Note: Our system relies on the provided payment link. Without it, we cannot recognise your payment.
Contact Us: After payment, reach out to our support team here to reactivate your account.


Did you pay the invoice? Please contact us with your invoice number and proof of payment included in the email.


3. Can I still become a member?
Yes, we warmly welcome new members! However, please note that your membership application must be approved before you can enjoy the benefits of discounted fees. The approval process typically takes up to 2 weeks.


4. I am unable to join the conference, can I transfer my registration to a colleague or receive a refund?
No, our registration is personal and binding. Registrations are neither refundable nor transferable to another colleague, for non-attendance or any other reason.


5. Can the invoice be customised?
Our invoices are automatically generated and cannot be modified to have a different order or have information added. Each invoice is personalised, and only the participant’s name can be addressed on the invoice.

We appreciate your understanding. 


6. Can the invoice be sent to a different email address?

Please note that the only invoice that will be sent is to the registrant’s email address provided during registration. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests to send invoices to different email addresses.


7. Other questions specifically regarding the annual meeting.
Please contact the organising committee here.


Get in touch with us

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