EUROoCS Summerschool

EUROoCS-SummerSchool – Research in Organ-on-Chip

The 1st EUROoCS-Summerschool is a 5-day training course with a lecture program and laboratory hands-on sessions. The participants will learn about the main aspects of Organ-on-Chip technology and Micro physiological systems.

The course will take place on 11-15 September 2023 at the Faculty of Medicine of the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Germany and the Youth Hostel Tübingen.

EUROoCS-SummerSchool 2023 topics:
• Microfabrication
• In-line analysis with sensors, imaging and omcis read-out
• Biomaterial
• Microfluidics and fluid dynamics
• Regulatory requirements
• PK/PD modelling
• GCP(Good cell culture practice) und Invitro reporting
• Stem Cell – Cell models and Organoids

Information on registration, fees and accommodation will be available soon.

Organizing Committee:
The EUROoCS Summerschool is organized by the Training Working Group of EUROoCS.