3Rs student grants 2022: Call for submissions

The EPAA has published its call for the 2022 3Rs Student grants . The purpose of the grants is to sponsor students to participate in the major 3Rs events in 2020.

One full grant (1000 EUR) and one half grant (500 EUR) will be awarded for each of the eligible events.

You can find more information about the grants here: https://ec.europa.eu/growth/calls-expression-interest/3rs-student-grants-2022-call-submissions_en


3Rs Science Prize 2022: Call for submissions

The Call for submissions for EPAA’s 3Rs Science Prize 2022 has been launched.

The €10,000 prize is granted every two years to a scientist with an outstanding contribution to 3Rs. EPAA wants to promote positive contributions from industry or academia and encourage more scientists to focus their research on the 3Rs goals. Scientists working on relevant methods for regulatory testing (e.g. safety, efficacy, batch testing) providing an outstanding contribution to the use of the 3Rs may apply for the prize.

The call is available online on the EPAA website and can be accessed via the link:


Applications should be sent to  grow-epaa@ec.europa.eu by Monday 3 October 2022 at 12:00 (noon) Brussels time.


EUROoCS Conference 2022 update

The registration is open now, please use the following link.
Deadline Early Bird Registration: 15 June 2022

Important note:
Only EUROoCS members who paid their membership fee can benefit from discount for the EUROoCS 2022 conference. No EUROoCS member yet? Please first register as a new member.

Abstract submission
Deadline Extended: 30 April 2022

Your abstracts should be limited to a 1-page format according to the following template:
EUROoCS 2022 Abstract Template

Please upload your abstract via the following link.
Notice to authors: 1 June 2022
More information here

The Program for the social event is ready, read more on the annual meeting page

Abstract submision for EUROoCS 2022 now open (extended)

Abstract Submission extended to April 30 2022

Abstract submission for EUROoCS 2022, held on 4-5 July 2022 in Grenoble France, is now open via https://euroocs2022.insight-outside.fr/abstracts/

Submitted abstracts will be selected either for an oral presentation or for the interactive poster session.

Deadline for abstract submission:    30 April 2022
Deadline for abstract selection:        1 June 2022

Scientific program committee
Xavier Gidrol (chair, CEA, France)
Fabrice Navarro (chair, CEA, France)
Dries Braeken (EUROoCS Board/ imec, Belgium)
Madalena Cipriano (University of Tübingen, Germany)
Stephanie Descroix (University of Paris Institut Curie, France)
Suzy Fitzpatrick (EUROoCS Regulatory Advisory Board/FDA, USA)
Jochen Kühnl (EUROoCS Industrial Advisory Board/Beiersdorf, Germany)
Martin Raasch (EUROoCS Board/Dynamic42, Germany)
Maria Tenje (University of Uppsala, Sweden)
Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij (EUROoCS Board/ hDMT, The Netherlands)

Special reduced fees will be available to members of EUROoCS.
To become a member of EUROoCS click here.

EUROoCS members:
– Seniors: 250 € (+ 50 € late registration after 15 June 2022)
– Students: 150 € (+ 50 € late registration after 15 June 2022)

Non-society members:
– Seniors: 350 € (+ 50 € late registration after 15 June 2022)
– Students: 200 € (+ 50 € late registration after 15 June 2022)

More information about registration will become available soon. For more information on the venue and program see the event website.

Report of EUROoCS 2021 conference online

Ever-growing interest

The 3rd edition of the Annual EUROoCS (European Organ-on-Chip Society) Conference was again an online experience because of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. This time the organizing committee could select a different platform for the conference with many more options for interaction. There were even more attendees in the EUROoCS 2021 conference, held on the 1st and 2nd of July 2021, than in the previous year: in total 442 participants from 26 different countries. This year the latest results on Organ-on-Chip research were presented in 6 keynote lectures, 40 abstract selected talks and 130 posters. The posters were presented in three interactive virtual poster sessions. New in this conference were the panel discussions in two special sessions, where the participants could meet and interact with the members of the EUROoCS Industrial Advisory Board and EUROoCS Regulatory Advisory Board. As usual, a Prize Ceremony with many young winners of different awards was one of the highlights of this conference. The sponsors of the conference could be approached in the exhibition via Q&A and live chat. Thanks to the excellent work of the scientific program committee, the international review committee and the local organizing committee of Uppsala University in Sweden, all led by the conference chair Maria Tenje, and also the professional support of AkademiKonferens and technical assistance of the AppInConf team, the online conference was again a great success and showed that, in spite of the pandemic, the Organ-on-Chip community flourishes as never before.

Statistics EUROoCS 2021

A detailed report of the EUROoCS 20201 conference is available here.

Changes in the EUROoCS organization

The results of the voting by the EUROoCS members for two additional EUROoCS Board members and a new vice-chair in June 2021 were presented, resulting in a further expansion of the current Board from eight to ten representatives. At the EUROoCS 2021 conference, Christine Mummery welcomed the elected members and expressed confidence in their added value to the Board and their contribution to further professionalization of EUROoCS in the coming years. From the 3rd of July 2021 the new members are appointed for six years and the vice-chair for a period of two years after which he will become the new chair of EURoOCS.

The newly appointed EUROoCS Board members are:

At the end of the conference Christine Mummery passed the virtual baton to Peter Loskill who will be the next chair of EUROoCS for the coming two years. A great thank you to Christine, first chair of EUROoCS, for all efforts from the very start to build this growing Organ-on-Chip community. And good luck to Peter!

Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)
Pelin Candarlioglu from GSK (UK) is the new chair of the EUROoCS Industrial Advisory Board. Pelin was willing to take over the chairmanship from Thomas Singer, who set up the IAB and will stay in the board as IAB member. His contribution of the last several years has been highly appreciated by the EUROoCS Board.

EUROoCS for and by members

EUROoCS is a growing society with currently 500 members from 32 different countries. Time to redefine the strategy and look ahead to the coming years. Together with the strategy consultancy Change21 a strategic plan was developed using the outcome of the results of a survey among the EUROoCS members, interviews with the backoffice and online field research. Based on this plan an action plan is now being developed, including the next steps towards: 

– a clear and future-proof Mission and Vision
– (multi)-annual plan with clear goals and evaluation
– stronger member engagement
– more events and activities
– clear communication strategy (website, social media, newsletter)
– visibility and balanced representation of national networks
– fundraising strategy
– supportive back office

The EUROoCS Board will seek advice from the IAB and RAB for working out this action plan further. Different committees, such as an event committee, dissemination/outreach committee, training committee and fundraising committee, will be set up and chaired by EUROoCS Board members, with strong involvement of the EUROoCS members.


Nation-wide Organ-on-Chip networks

In many European countries national consortia or networks on Organ-on-Chip have already been established or are under construction. Nathalie Picollet D’hahan (CEA, France) invited the national contact points of these initiatives to pitch their progress during EUROoCS 2021. The result is an inspiring movie illustrating the state-of-the-art of 8 nation-wide Organ-on-Chip networks on Organ-on-Chip and the growing community building in Europe.

Watch the movie

The 8 nation-wide Organ-on-Chip networks with their national contact points

EUROoCS Awards

During the closing ceremony of the EUROoCS 2021 conference seven prizes were awarded:

-Best Presentation Award (40 presentations in total)
-Best Junior Presentation Award
-Best Poster Award (130 posters in total)
-EUROoCS 2022 Travel Award (3x)
-Exhibitor Quiz Award

The presentation awards were elected by a jury of 21 experts chaired by Erika Györvary (CSEM, Switzerland), José Tarazona (EFSA) with support from Maryam Shojaee (Uppsala University, Sweden).

Congratulations to the following awardees:

Best Presentation Award
The Best Presentation Award (€ 500), sponsored by Nortis (USA) was awarded to Ulgu Arslan (Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands) for her talk ‘ Vascularized three-dimensional cardiac microtissue-on-chip’. hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, endo-thelial cells and cardiac fibroblasts were integrated into 3D scaffold-free cardiac microtissues, which displayed well organized microvasculature network. These 3D cardiac microtissues were next integrated into a microfluidic chip with an external network formed by hiPSC-derived endothelial cells and primary human brain vascular pericytes. A promising approach for further maturation of the tissue via optimal nutrient delivery and for controlled drug delivery. Ulgu is from the group of Valeria Orlova in Leiden and is a PhD student in the EU ITN Network coordinated by Peter Loskill.

Best Junior Presentation Award
Tengku Ibrahim Maulana (University of Tübingen, Germany) received the Best Junior Presentation Award (€500), sponsored by InSphero, for his talk ‘Breast-cancer-on-chips recapitulating tumor-microenvironment interaction applicable for CAR-T cell testing’. Two human breast-cancer-on-chip models were developed, that mimic different aspects of the tumor microenvironment (TME) to study impact of breast TME to cancer growth and immunotherapy. These models have the potential to unravel the impact of adipose tissue state on the efficacy of CAR-T cell immunotherapy.

Best Poster Award
The Best Poster Award (€500), sponsored by Emulate was granted to Lea Lara de Maddalena (Alveolix, Switzerland) for her poster entitled ‘Pulmonary fibrosis-on-chip: A tool for drug efficacy testing with the example of Nintedanib’. An in vitro alveolar model has been developed, mimicking some features of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). The effects of mediators of fibrogenesis (TGFß) and inhibitors of fibrosis (Nintedanib) on barrier disruption, cell cytotoxicity and gene expression of fibrotic markers were studied. The model might be a valuable tool for investigating new biomarkers and for efficacy studies of new antifibrotic drugs.

EUROoCS 2022 Travel Awards

Award 1:
The EUROoCS 2022 Travel Award (€500) sponsored by Roche went to Milica Dostanić (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands) for the presentation of her work on ‘An engineered heart tissue platform with integrated pacing microelectrodes’. Electric pacing was incorporated into a miniature engineered heart tissue platform by means of microfabricated electrodes, enabling ultimate accuracy and precision in controlled in situ tissue stimulation. The suitability of the integrated microelectrodes to replace external pacing electrodes, and the biocompatibility of the overall platform were shown. The system was pre-configured to fit a 96-well plate format to enable forthcoming high-throughput biological assays. Milica is a PhD student of Massimo Mastrangeli in the Netherlands Organ-on-Chip Initiative (NOCI) sponsored by NWO/OCW and coordinated by Christine Mummery.

Award 2:
The second EUROoCS 2022 Travel award (€250), also sponsored by Roche was granted to Marina Pérez-Aliacar (University of Zaragoza, Spain) for the presentation of her poster about ‘Intelligent Microfluidics: using deep learning to predict model parameters from glioblastoma-on-a-chip images’. In this work, the power of deep learning and microfluidics was combined to present a novel methodology for parameter identification from culture images using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). This methodology may be seen as a first step towards patient-specific models in which the particular parameters defining the tumor behavior can be predicted and used to make clinical decisions.

Award 3:
Inês Sousa-Pereira (IBEC, Spain) received the third EUROoCS 2022 Travel Award (€250), sponsored by EUROoCS for her poster on ‘Biomimetic material for neuronal culture’. New hydrogels were presented, that resulted in higher viability rates in neuronal proliferation and differentiation, projection growth, increased connectivity and neuronal markers expression. These hydrogels are promising scaffolds for brain modelling, applicable to 3D long-term culture and differentiation of cells, such as iPSC-derived neurons.

Exhibitor Quiz Award
Claire Dessalles (LadHyX Ecole Polytechnique, France) received the Exhibitor Quiz Award (€100), a bonus prize sponsored by EUROoCS, for the best score in the Q&A competition about the exhibitor booths of the sponsors.

Successful online EUROoCS 2021 conference

The 3rd edition of the Annual EUROoCS (European Organ-on-Chip Society) Conference was again a virtual event, hosted by the University of Uppsala in Sweden. With more than 430 participants from 26 different countries, 6 keynote lectures, 40 abstract selected talks and 170 posters the conference again showed an increase in attendance compared to last year.

New in this conference were the panel discussions with the Industrial and Regulatory Advisory Boards of EUROoCS. In addition, a movie was presented, illustrating the state-of-the-art of 8 nation-wide networks on Organ-on-Chip and the growing community building in the European countries. Finally, prizes were handed over to the winners of the ‘Best Presentation Award’ (Ulgu Arslan, LUMC, the Netherlands), ‘Best Junior Presentation Award’ (Tengku Ibrahim Maulana, University of Tübingen, Germany), ‘Best Poster Award’ (Lea Lara de Maddalena, Alveolix, Switzerland), ‘Travel Award’ (Inês Sousa-Pereira, IBEC, Spain and Marina Pérez-Aliacar, University of Zaragoza, Spain) and ‘Exhibition Quiz Award’ (Claire Dessalles, LadHyx Ecole Poletechnique, France). A detailed report of the conference will be published in September.

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