New publication on designing microphysiological systems for cardiac modelling

Researchers from the Centre of Excellence in Body-on Chip Research at Tampere University (Finland) have published a review regarding designing  microphysiological systems for cardiac modelling. The review is titled ‘Building blocks of microphysiological system to model physiology and pathophysiology of human heart’.

The centre focuses on modelling of hypoxia in cardiac ischemia, brain stroke and obesity related conditions. Developing chip platforms and monitoring technologies for controlling and monitoring oxygen as well as hydrogel development are also the core actions of the centre.

Link to centre’s website.

Report of the European Medicines Agency 3Rs Working Party (3RsWP) public stakeholder session on the 2023 work plan

On 28 February 2023, the newly established EMA Joint CHMP/CVMP 3Rs Working Party (3RsWP) hosted a virtual public session that was broadcast and open to all stakeholders. The aim of this public session was to present the 3RsWP work plan and priorities for 2023. In addition, an opportunity was provided to stakeholders to comment and provide their views on the working party’s activities. This report provides a summary of the topics discussed during the public session, including the input received from the stakeholders during the interactive SLIDO session.

Download the report here.

First Italian OoC National Congress

On May 4th and 5th, 2023, the Italian Organ-on-Chip Society (SIOoC) will organize its first National Congress. The event will be held at the National Research Council premises in Rome, with an expected participation of more than 110 delegates from across the Country.

The 2-day event will offer 7 scientific thematic sessions, each with an invited keynote speaker, as well as rapid-fire presentations dedicated to poster presentations from young researchers.

Italian researchers, pharmaceutical, biotech and technological companies, as well as representatives of the regulatory agencies, will discuss in a dedicated round table the opportunities and perspective of the OoC field in Italy, and its positioning in the value chain from research to clinics.

Membership fee 2023 payment last chance

All members of EUROoCS have received their membership invoice for 2023, on February 1st and reminders on Feb 27th and March 28th.

If you have not paid your membership fee 2023 – now is the last chance to pay! On May 15th 2023, the memberships for which no payment is received will be removed. These memberships will be terminated.

When you have paid the invoice, the proof of payment can be found in your personal membership profile under the tab “invoices”. In case you paid by the provided link this proof of payment will soon be visible, if you have done a bank transfer it will take more time to be visible.


Free Webinar On Demand: Improve Rigor and Reproducibility in Stem Cell Research

Learn About the ISSCR’s Recommendations to Improve Rigor and Reproducibility in Stem Cell Research via the On-Demand Webinar.

View the Free, On-Demand Webinar to review the updated draft of the ISSCR’s quality standards and core principles for the laboratory culture and characterization of both adult and pluripotent human stem cells and in vitro model systems using them.

These practical standards can set researchers up for success, enhance rigor in preclinical research, and ultimately strengthen the pipeline of therapies for patients.

Source: ISSCR

MPS World Summit Early Bird Discount Open until March 31st

Are you planning to attend the 2nd MPS World Summit in Berlin, between 26 – 30 June 2023, take advantage of the EUROoCS Members Early Bird Discount. Register until March 31st via the MPS World Summit websiteAfter Early Bird sales end on March 31st, ticket prices will increase.

Are you registering as EUROoCS member, please be prepared to provide membership status confirmation upon request. Pay your membership Fee for 2023 in time. All members of EUROoCS have received their membership invoice for 2023, on February 1st (reminder on March 1st). 

When you have paid the invoice, the proof of payment can be found in your personal membership profile under the tab “invoices”. In case you paid by the provided link this proof of payment will immediately be visible, if you have done a bank transfer (include the reference) it will take more time.

Christine Mummery Receives the 2023 ISSCR Public Service Award

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) is honoring Christine Mummery, Ph.D., Professor of Developmental Biology, Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands, with the 2023 ISSCR Public Service Award. The prize recognizes the outstanding contributions of public service to the fields of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. The award will be presented at the Presidential Symposium on 14 June 2023 during ISSCR 2023 Boston + Virtual, the world’s leading gathering of the brightest minds in stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

“Christine has made an enduring impact on the ISSCR, shaping the society and the field through her selfless dedication, leadership, and advocacy,” ISSCR President Haifan Lin, Ph.D. said. “Among her many contributions, Christine is the founding editor-in-chief of our society journal, Stem Cell Reports, and is a past president of the society. An advocate of the global stem cell field, Christine’s tireless support of women scientists has built and bridged scientific communities around the world. It is my honor and privilege to recognize Christine with this prestigious public service award.”

“I’m truly honored for this award from ISSCR, an organization that has done so much to promote worldwide collaboration on stem cells,” Dr. Mummery said.

Dr. Mummery is a superb, internationally recognized scientist in cardiovascular biology, who throughout her 40-year career has contributed pioneering work that is advancing our understanding of human cardiovascular development and disease, Her research has underpinned her pioneering studies on methods for accurately predicting toxic effects of drugs on the human heart and capturing cardiac disease phenotypes including identifying individual vulnerability.  Presently, she leads the disease modeling theme in the Novo Nordisk Foundation project reNEW and the Netherlands NWO-Gravity grant, Organs-on-Chip. She also co-founded European Organ-on-Chip Society and is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Mummery currently serves as a member of the board of directors of the ISSCR.

Source: ISSCR

See also: Unprecedented honour for European stem cell research (Cordis)

Join the CEN and CENELEC Focus Group on Organ-on-Chip (FGOOC) and contribute your expertise!

Do you have experience with working towards defined culture media and extracellular matrices for cell culture? Have you worked on laboratory automation and mechatronics for cell culture applications? Do you have a perspective on the regulatory, ethical and legal context of cell culture models, including organs-on-chips? Then please join the CEN and CENELEC Focus Group on Organ-on-Chip (FGOOC) and contribute your expertise!

Many EUROoCS members already support the FGOOC by providing their expertise and perspectives as a stakeholder in the field of organs-on-chips. Their contributions are essential for the drafting of a Roadmap for Standards in Organ-on-Chip, which is the main intended deliverable for the FGOOC.

In the drafting of the roadmap, the FGOOC works on many aspects: from terminology, biology, engineering, experimental design, data management to the broader regulatory and legal context. So there are many ways in which you, as a stakeholder in the field of organ-on-chip, can contribute!

Join the FGOOC now!! For more information, contact Andries van der Meer or Lysette Meuleman, or please see:

Travel Awards JRC Summer School on Non-animal Approaches in Science

EUROoCS will sponsor travel awards for two PhD students that are planning to attend the upcoming JRC Summer School on Non-animal Approaches in Science.

EUROoCS has a strong link with the organizers of the workshop, the EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL ECVAM) and would like to stimulate EUROoCS members to participate in activities that promote interaction with regulatory scientists.

EUROoCS will sponsor two € 500 travel awards to PhD students (year 1 or year 2; EUROoCS membership fee 2023 met) who need financial support to join the Summer School.

To apply for this EUROoCS Travel Award send us the following documents:


  • Submitted abstract
  • Brief justification why the financial support is needed to cover travel expenses (max. 500 characters incl. spaces)
  • Brief motivation letter (max. 1000 characters incl. spaces)



  • Use the train if travel time below 6 hours
  • Provide a meeting report for the EUROoCS website after the event
  • Show supporting documents for travel and/or hotel



Send the requested documents before March 1, 2023 to


The winners of the EUROoCS Travel Award will be informed before March 31, 2023.


Call for the organization of the Annual EUROoCS Conference

logo with text 'EUROoCS Conference 2024' projected on a globe

Next year, the 5th edition of the Annual EUROoCS Conference, EUROoCS 2024, will again be organized somewhere in Europe. With the increasing number of EUROoCS members and activities in the Organ-on-Chip field, we expect that EUROoCS 2024 will be at least as successful as the meeting in the beautiful Grenoble in France last year.


Are you interested in becoming the organizer of EUROoCS 2024?
Please send your application to the EUROoCS Board ( with reference to ‘EUROoCS 2024’. Deadline: April 17th 2023


For the application you have to address the following topics:

        1. Motivation

          Why this country, location and hosting organization?

        2. Project management

          • Conference chair/hosting organization
          • Local Organizing Committee
          • Scientific Program Committee
          This committee should include two EUROoCS Board members, as well as two members of the EUROoCS Regulatory Advisory Board and the Industrial Advisory Board, respectively
          • Program
          The program should be attractive for the Organ-on-Chip community, in particular for the young researchers (PhD students) with plenty of room for interaction and the possibility to present their results
          • Dates
          The meeting should be held just before the summer holidays with a duration of 2.5 days (extended from 2 days in previous editions)
          • Location & Venue
          The intended venue should be suitable to host scientific sessions, special sessions, posters, exhibition, climate control
          • Accommodation & travel information
          The location should be easy to reach by public transport and have enough hotels in the area to accommodate all participants. Note: take care of affordable accommodations for students
          • Catering & social event
          Coffee/tea breaks, lunches, dinner, evening program
          • Administration & support
          Badges, technical support, photographer, keynote speakers
          • Registration & Abstract handling
          Registration and abstract submission will occur via the EUROoCS website. There should be a discount registration fee for EUROoCS members, as well as a reduced fee for students
          • PR & communication
          Website (EUROoCS Annual Meeting page), social media, newsletters, conference report
          • Awards
          Jury and certificates
          • Sponsoring/booths
          Please include the support letters of potential sponsors in the Annex. Sponsors can include, among others, companies (pharma, biotech, equipment, CRO), local organizations, non-profit
          • Budget/finances
          The budget should be at least cost neutral. Financial reporting should be performed in a manner that the EUROoCS Board can track and evaluate.
          • Annex
          Potential annexes include support letters of sponsors, and CV of  proposed Conference chair(s)
          Note: It is highly recommended to add visuals (photos or movie) to illustrate the environment, venue with floorplan, organizing committee etc. in order to get a good impression of the team and conference site.


          The applications will be evaluated by the EUROoCS Board and a decision can be expected in late May/early June 2023. The organizer of the EUROoCS 2024 conference will be announced via the EUROoCS communication channels and at the MPS World Summit in Berlin from 26-30 June 2023.


          If you have any questions, please send an email to