Pelin Candarlioglu

Director; 3D and 3Rs Ltd

Pelin Candarlioglu has an extensive experience in translational in vitro models being trained in tissue engineering through a Marie Curie Fellowship in Ludwig Boltzmann Institute and a PhD from Imperial College London. Following her second passion, she moved into oncology during her PostDoc position working with circulating tumour cells at the UCL. Later came the opportunity to combine both strengths when she was leading a Cell Biology/Microfluidics lab in Cambridge at Enplas Corporation where she was developing a microfluidic chip system specifically designed for cell therapy and immuno-oncology applications. After gaining significant experience as a technology developer, she moved to GSK starting the UK side of Complex In Vitro Models (CIVM) group where she was leading a small team in UK utilizing her expertise in microfluidics, tissue engineering and especially Organ-on-Chip to lead multiple initiatives both externally and internally to expand the CIVM portfolio of GSK for various modalities and disease indications. During this time, both through her experience in GSK but also in IQ-MPS Affiliate and EUROoCS Industry Advisory Board, she experienced the end-user perspective ranging from pharmaceutical to cosmetics and chemical industries. Pelin is currently Director at her consultancy firm 3D and 3Rs Ltd., providing expert support, advice and management of adopting non-animal models (NAMs) to organizations anywhere in the world.

Pelin is a champion of 3Rs through implementation of Organ-on-Chip and contributing to advancing the adoption and their regulatory acceptance through interaction with regulatory bodies and relevant NGOs globally.