Erika Györvary

Technology Coordinator at CSEM

Dr. Erika Györvary is a Technology Coordinator at CSEM, focusing on business development and technology transfer across the life sciences, MedTech, agriculture, and environmental monitoring domains. She received her MSc
in 1991 in Polymer Chemistry, LicTech in 1996, and her DrTech in 1999 in Physical Chemistry from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at Åbo Akademi University, Finland. Her postdoctoral work in biosensing took place at the
Center for Ultrastructure Research, University of Agricultural Sciences, Austria. Before joining CSEM she worked as a senior scientist at IMA, Integrated Microsystems, Austria. She joined CSEM in 2005 as an Expert in Nanotechnology and was a founding member of CSEM Brasil, Brazil. She sits on several international boards (RTOs, alliances, start-ups), is a member of EARTO WG MedTech, and leader of the HTA’s Health Platform (alliance: CSEM, CEALETI, FhG & VTT).

Early on at CSEM, she recognized Organ-on-Chips’ potential, providing the company with a headstart in its development of technologies in this domain, including membranes, sensors, microfluidics, and automation. Recently, her work has led to the organization of CSEM’s new event series: “Next Gen Organ-on-Chip & Organoids.”

She has published several articles in eminent scientific journals, initiated EU-projects & industry mandates, and presented globally. “I’m a dynamic multilinguist who embraces new challenges and innovation. As a passionate member of the EUROoCS board, I will actively promote the organization’s cutting-edge work, drawing on my international network and life sciences knowledge to facilitate the organization’s future growth.”