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An active Israelian Organ-on-Chip community during one day symposium


On Tuesday 19 March 2019 a one-day Organ-on-Chip symposium was organized by dr. Ben Maoz and dr. Gad Vatine at the Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Israel. It was a lively meeting divided in four parts: Cancer/Metabolism, Vasculature, Technologies and Lab on Chip.

Some 150 attendants watched new work presented in oral presentations and posters, illustrating a very active Israelian Organ on Chip community, with strong presence from a.o. Technion and Tau. External speakers were Joshua Owen (Leeds) and Albert van den Berg (UTwente), while also some startup companies participated (Tissue Dynamics).
Worth mentioning are dr. Maria Khoury (Technion) working on Pulmonary Capillary Networks, dr. Ben Maoz (Tau) with BBB-chip work, dr. Ariel Sklanny (Technion) with advanced vessel sprouting and dr. Gilad Yossifon (Technion) with original sperm sorting work as well as advanced Janus particle research. All in all it demonstrated high-level research being performed in the Israelian Organ-on-Chip network.

Source: hDMT

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