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3Rs Science Prize 2020 Call for submissions


The European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) is proud to announce that a call for submissions is now open for its 2020 3Rs Science Prize.

Application deadline: 5 October 2020 at 12:00 (noon) Brussels time

The EPAA aims to promote the development, validation and acceptance of 3Rs alternative approaches (replacement, reduction and refinement of testing on animals). The 3Rs science prize is granted every two years to a scientist with an outstanding contribution to the 3Rs. We want to promote positive contributions from industry or academia and encourage more scientists to focus their research on the 3Rs goals. Scientists working on relevant methods for regulatory testing (e.g. safety, efficacy, batch testing) that provide an outstanding contribution to the use of the 3Rs may apply for the prize.

A selection board (composed by EPAA members and representatives of the EPAA Mirror Group) will evaluate the submissions, provide the EPAA steering committee with the results of the evaluation and give a recommendation on the ranking of the submissions. Based on this recommendation, the Steering Committee will select the winner, to whom the prize of €10,000 will be awarded.
The prize will be granted to the institution of the winner to be announced at the EPAA Annual Conference, on 10 November 2020. The winner will have the opportunity to present his/her work at the 2020 EPAA Annual Conference, gathering regulators, industry stakeholders, academia and civil society. Applicants should, therefore, confirm that they are available on 10 November 2020 to present their work at the Annual Conference if they win. Their travel and accommodation will be paid for by EPAA.

For more details on selection criteria, application process and time-line see EPAA 3Rs Science Prize 2020 Call for submissions and the EC-website.

Source: EC-website

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